Deepcool TriStellar SW includes transparent graphics card cabin

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PC accessories maker and specialists in cooling, PSUs and chassis development, Deepcool, has launched a new version of the TriStellar triple-blade mini-ITX chassis. The Deepcool TriStellar SW edition is based upon the designs we saw previewed at CES and subsequently adopted by CyberPowerPC for its Trinity gaming PC and adds a transparent visual twist - a trend it started at Computex. New with the TriStellar SW is a 'Graphic Card Cabin' which offers a graphics card room with a view.

If you were interested in the original Deepcool TriStellar but perhaps it was a little sober, lacking some kind of visual pizzazz, the SW edition might push you over the edge. The SW edition keeps the "three high hardness 'V' shape metal frames and full metal shells to ensure Tristellar has a reliable and solid structure," and maintains the three independent zones, separating the worst heat-offenders from each other in separate wings. However Deepcool's new TriStellar SW edition ups the visual appeal of this case by outfitting the GPU cabin with toughened glass panels.

Transparency has not been realized in a half-hearted fashion, with a typical side window, for example. Deepcool has implemented the transparent panels on both sides and the top of the 'graphics card cabin'. If not for the overheating connotations it might be renamed the 'graphics card greenhouse', or 'graphics card orangery' if it resided in a well-heeled area of town.

Other than the graphics card cabin panels change the specs remain the same as the previous Tristellar chassis and are reproduced below. Pricing and availability are yet to be announced.


SPCC + Toughened glass  (Panel thickness: 0.6mm; Cabin Cover thickness: 2mm)


Product Dimension
Package Dimension




Net.: 16KG  Gross: 19KG


5.25" Drive Bays

tray-load Optical Disk Driver


3.5" Drive Bays

2  (all tool-free installation with hot plugging port)


2.5" Drive Bays

3  (all tool-free installation with hot plugging port)


I/O Panel



Expansion Slots

3 Slots (1 way)


Cooling Fans

Included: 1×90mm Black fan in the VGA cabin
Optional:1×120mm fan in the mainboard cabin if liquid radiator not installed. (this fan should blow outward to ensure a good cooling effect)



Power Supply Type



CPU Cooler Compatibility

85mm height


VGA Compatibility




As a reminder of Deepcool's recent graphics card exhibitionism trend, dubbed GPU outside, it introduced the Nehrite and cube chassis designs recently. These feature transparent perspex sections for graphics card installations. Deepcool added new images of these eye-catching cases to its global Facebook page this week and I've included some of the best shots below. Both these chassis are due for release in about three months time.

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